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Our staging philosophy

A well-orchestrated home staging is a team effort between the realtor (knowing the market), the home owner (living comfortably in the home until it's sold), and the stager (acting as decorator, designer and personal assistant).

Our proposition

Without breaking the budget, we can boost the probability of a sale by making your home feel inviting and appealing to a broad group of buyers.  We assist with small renovation projects, de-cluttering, furniture arranging, space planning, lighting and accessorizing to make homes stand-out in today's very competitive property market.

Our staging services

  • Home staging for sellers and realtors

    • We provide consultations for do-it-yourself projects as well as full service home staging.

  • Staging of vacant, occupied and model homes

    • Without breaking the budget, we can make any space feel like a home.

  • Staging for photo shoots & realtor listings

    • Nine out of ten buyers use the internet to search for properties, and 90% of buyers state that photographs are the key determinant of their interest in a home.

  • Staging for open houses

    • Staging your home and yard not only helps get people in the door but also ensures that you leave a great first impression

  • Interior design

    • Our design service provides decorating assistance for existing and new homes, including the evaluation of potential purchases, renovation projects and landscaping

Staged homes sell for more!

Staged homes sales are, on average, 17% higher than un-staged houses.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Staged homes sell faster!

Staged homes sell on average 78% faster than un-staged homes!

Real Estate Staging Association (RESA)

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